Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling

Relationships, Same Sex Couples, Marriage relationship Counselling or other, .. no matter what’s the nature of your relationship if you are facing a breakup , seperation, divorce, this can be a traumatic time with so many swirling of emotions which can sometimes can be overwhelming. Counselling helps you work through these emotions and supports you towards a happier and more positive future.

Exploring the triggers of and finding new ways to manage couple conflict:
• Repairing and building on intimacy
• Emphasising the shared dreams and meaning in the relationship.
• Reclaiming the relationship
• Reclaiming the self

Issues brought by couples into the non-judgemental and confidential space of the counselling room include:
• Monogamy and open relationships
• Sexuality, sex and intimacy
• Affairs and betrayal
• Relationship landscape and agreements
• Marriage and parenting

Marriage Counselling

No matter what the nature of a relationship, be it marriage, civil partnership or simply your significant other, it is never an easy situation when you are facing a breakup, separation or divorce.
Whatever the reasons for the breakdown, the range of emotions you experience can be powerful and thus the situation can feel overwhelming and difficult to cope with. Consequently, the ending of the relationship can also start to feel as though your whole world is ending.
Marriage Counselling for coping with relationships, breakups and separation helps you to work through these emotions and to come to terms with your new and changed circumstances.
You can emerge from the breakup of a relationship with a more positive attitude!

You can emerge from the breakup of a relationship with a more positive attitude!
Though you may not feel that anything positive could come from the traumatic experience of divorce or separation, you can recover and even come back stronger after you have processed what has actually happened. Learning from your experience can make you wiser and leave you more positive about your future and new relationships. By working through your emotions following the breakup, counselling can support you towards a happier and more positive future.

Same-sex couples counselling

Same -Sex Couple Counselling is a service for both men and women offering a space in which to support them in exploring the disconnection and sometimes misunderstanding that arises in the relationship. Rebuilding the relationship, working through issues before moving on. Many of the difficulties arising in hetrosexual relationship also arise in same- sex relationships.Some of the issues brought to counselling room, in an non-judgement& confidential way with couples may include


Marriage/Parenting Issues

Sexuality/ Intimacy

open Relationship/ Monogamy

Couple Counselling facilitates an understanding of working towards a resolution of these difficulties

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