Managing Depression & Anxiety

Managing Depression & Anxiety

We live in a modern busy world. Our lifestyle is sometimes spent in the fast lane, which brings many challenges. Depression, anxiety, anger, stress,and loneliness. There are complex issues. Counselling can help support youn to find new ways to manage yourself in your everyday life.


Everyone at some point in their life has experienced feelings of unhappiness or are fed up for days. Most people find that those ‘blue’ days pass in a day or a few days. Depression symptoms can uninvitedly persistently feel sad for weeks , or months and sometimes only days. The symptoms are real and can cause huge disruptions to your life. With the right treatment and support most people with depression symptoms make a full recovery. and manage their lives in a fulfilling way.


Is the body’s natural response to stress. Common Anxiety signs & symptoms include: Feeling Nervous.: Having a sense of impending danger, panic. : having an increase in heart rate. Feeling weak, tired, Nausea.: tension in the body, obsessing, fear.
As a counsellor I would work with the underlying causes, the body is in overload and has difficulty dealing with the management of that overload.Contact me and start to deal with what is causing you to feel anxious and be free. Book Now….


Though our need to connect is innate, many people feel alone and lonely. Loneliness is a state of distress, discomfort that results.when one perceives a gap between one’s desires for social connection and the actual experience of it.Some people in committed relationships/friendships, marriage can experience a deep pervasive loneliness. Research suggests loneliness can pose serious threats to our well-being as well as our physical health.Counselling for loneliness helps to explore what has led up to the current state of feelings of loneliness with supportive work help you move forward to reconnect with yourself and life again. Book an appointment today….


Anger is a natural emotion, it is part of flight/flight mechanism which helps deal with physical danger. On the other hand it can be destructive and deliberating. Our anger can be triggered by memories of traumatic events or enraging events. It’s personal to us and is a reaction to people and events. With the support of counselling you can learn to eliminate unwanted anger,and focus on solutions, recognising triggers and finding an appropriate calmer response. You will learn how to handle your frustrations in an assertive way which will help build your confidence… Book an appointment here on this link.


Stress is a feeling of feeling overwhelmed or unable to cope with mental or emotional pressure. Symptoms include aches and pains, chest pain, headache, muscle tension, racing heart beat. This is sometimes known as fight or flight, when the body responds to an event that is perceived as frightening/threatening To learn how to manage your stress/anxiety better and enjoy a healthier life. Book an appointment here.