Answers to your most frequently asked questions (faqs) are here. Should you have any further questions please contact us.

There are many reasons why people come to therapy and it may not be for a major life crisis, it may be that you are struggling a little and a few individual sessions is all that you need to give you clarity to move forward, or you may find yourself at an impasse in life and need more long-term help to figure out the best way forward.

The cost of counselling is 60Euro, this is paid before each session, each week, and paid at booking stage.

Each counselling session lasts 60 minutes. The counsellor will begin to wrap up the session at 50 minutes.

This will depend on the clients individual needs, the complexity of the issues disclosed. It is generally recommended that a minimum of six sessions be intended to benefit from the process. At six weeks the work is reviewed with counsellor and client and a decision will be made whether to continue with further counselling or not.

If you rearrange or cancel an appointment within 48 hours of your appointment, there is no charge. However cancellations of less 48 hours would normally result in a full appointment fee.

All counselling is confidential as laid down by Irish Association Of C|ounselling & Psychotherapy Code Of Ethics. However, there are some limits to confidentiality. These include the following:

  • Counsellors present regularly to Supervision with their work, the aim of this is to improve and monitor clinical work issues arising & undertaken. The client’s name is never used in supervision and the supervision is done on a confidential basis.
  • If a counsellor evaluates that a client is in danger to himself /herself , others or the counsellor, the counsellor will always speak and address this with the client first, before seeking further support in the best interest of the client.
  • A disclosure of abuse involving a minor ( under 18 years of age) or any other child protection issues.

I keep only factual details of therapy and never my own opinion. All notes are kept without any personal details of my client and are locked away in a filing cabinet. A client can request to see their notes at any time.